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How To Cure High Heel Hangover

foot-surgeons-los-angelesThe day after wearing high heels is when women can have major foot pain.

This day-after foot pain is called “high heel hangover.”

A high heel hangover may be mild to intense. The pain could be localized or throughout the foot.

Here are some remedies to get your feet feeling better fast, after wearing high heels, keep reading!

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If you find yourself with a high heel hangover, below are some things you can do to recover:

Yoga is an excellent method to stay stretched, and specific postures that benefit the feet include: Downward-facing dog, and the Virasana-Hero Pose. A runners wall stretch specifically targets the Achilles Tendon. Perform simple range-of-motion exercises of the ankles as it keeps the blood flowing within the foot.

Epsom salt soaks have long been used to soothe sore body parts, especially the feet. Epsom salt is actually not a salt, but a natural mineral of magnesium and sulfate, and can be absorbed through the skin. Warm water helps the dilation of the blood vessels and opens the skins pores.

It is important to keep the skin on your foot supple and moisturized, as rough areas develop on pressure points and can be painful. Even after a few hours of wearing high heels and cramped shoes dry patches of skin may occur. The ball of the foot takes the most impact with high heels, and the foot can become quite callused in this area.

The therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage can help greatly as the arch of the foot contains several muscles that are important to the foot, and work to stabilize the toes. The altered alignment and biomechanics may result in muscular imbalances within the foot and muscular strains.

It is important to allow your feet to rest after wearing high heels. Well-cushioned sneakers work the best and you can wear padded socks for extra cushion. If you can’t wear sneakers, try to limit the amount of time your foot is exposed to a high heel, and wear flip-flops or sneakers to and from your destination.

If you have foot pain that is persistent and won’t go away, do not let it go untreated or it could very well get worse. Get your foot looked at today so that tomorrow is pain-free.

Please call 626-447-2184 (Arcadia) or 818-408-2800 (San Fernando) to speak make an appointment with Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi about your foot and/or ankle needs.

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