🔺 Dear Patients,
Dr. Khosroabadi and Foot & Ankle Alliance, would like you to know that the health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.
In consideration of concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to temporarily suspend services at all our clinics.

For current patients whom are under treatment if you have a Foot & Ankle Emergency or questions or concerns you can call 818-408-2800 our staff
will be answering phones during regular business hours and afterhours you can reach us by email: Info@fixmyfoot.com

If you have a medical emergency please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Thank you,
Dr. Khosroabadi and Staff


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Barefoot Running Shoes Can Lead to Foot Injuries

Barefoot running, which usually involves the use of barefoot running shoes, appears to contribute to foot injuries. Some companies claiming barefoot running shoes is closer to how our ancestors ran. However, barefoot running shoes have long been suspected of being … Continue reading

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What to Do About Numb and Tingling Feet During Exercise

We have all felt that sensation of our foot or feet falling asleep, but did you know some people experience this foot problem while exercising? Your feet or toes can actually fall asleep, become numb, burn or start tingling while … Continue reading

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Is Barefoot Running Safe?

We often write about people injuring their feet due to improper footwear, shoes and/or high heels, but what about running barefoot? As more avid runners and casual athletes experiment with barefoot running,¬†foot and ankle doctors say are seeing injuries ranging … Continue reading

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How to Select your Running Gear

Running/Walking Gear The well-equipped Walker Let me ask you a question. What do you need to go on the walk? You probably say, a pair of shoes, a shirt and shorts. But if you’re going to do it right, you … Continue reading

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