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In consideration of concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to temporarily suspend services at all our clinics.

For current patients whom are under treatment if you have a Foot & Ankle Emergency or questions or concerns you can call 818-408-2800 our staff
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Adult Footwear

Proper support, comfort, and quality are all important when choosing footwear. By choosing the right shoes a patient can greatly reduce foot problems. A podiatrist is trained to address these issues and will educate you to choose the best pair for your individual needs.

The foot is subject to more injuries than any other part of our bodies. Footwear is extremely important. Women should find alternatives to high heel shoes if possible. Limiting the use of high heel shoes by alternating with high quality flats or sneakers for part of the day is an option.

Varying the heel height and opting for comfort or walking pumps is another choice. Men should opt for quality oxford styles, slip-ons, loafers, or low dress boots.

Support is important if you are on your feet all day. Choose shoes with comfort inserts. For those who work in heavy industry it is imperative to choose safety shoes or boots that have an insulated steel toe cap, are waterproof, and have a non-conducting material sole.

For both men and women it is important to match the shoe to the activity being performed. Shoes for sports should coincide with the activity of that sport such as running, cross-training, tennis, or basketball to name a few.

Each of these requires different levels of support and comfort. Tips for buying shoes include standing while having feet measured, trying on both shoes and walking in them, feeling comfortable right away in the shoes and not requiring a break in period, always having your feet measured when purchasing new shoes, shopping for shoes at the end of the day as feet tend to swell, opting for shoes with a leather upper, trying shoes on with the type of socks you plan on wearing, and finally if you have inserts for your shoes you should take them with you to ensure a proper fit.

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