Ankle Injury Exercise Routine:

In this video you will see how one can do various exercises to strengthen the ankle muscles.

If you have had an ankle sprain you need to follow these instructions to gain the stability and the strength back. It is more likely to sprain an ankle that had and injury before.

Most people don't follow up with strengthening exercises after the pain has subsided , therefore the injured ankle stays weak and more prone to injury.

This video takes you through a complete routine that will keep the ankle strong. I actually think that even if you have never had an ankle injury it is a good idea to do these exercises on a daily basis to keep your ankle injury free.

I definitely recommend it for women wearing high heel, which make you more vulnerable to ankle injuries.

Each of these requires different levels of support and comfort. Tips for buying shoes include standing while having feet measured, trying on both shoes and walking in them, feeling comfortable right away in the shoes and not requiring a break in period, always having your feet measured when purchasing new shoes, shopping for shoes at the end of the day as feet tend to swell, opting for shoes with a leather upper, trying shoes on with the type of socks you plan on wearing, and finally if you have inserts for your shoes you should take them with you to ensure a proper fit.

Foot & Ankle Pain Is Not Normal

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I highly recommend Dr. Khosroabady. About 8 years ago I injured my ankle. Even though I went to a number of different doctors and did physical therapy, it never healed completely.

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