Congenital Clubfoot

Treatment using Ponseti Method.

Dr. Khosroabay spent a year at Sinai Hospital with Dr. Herzenberg to master the Ponseti technique for the treatment of Congenital clubfoot.

To learn more about our Non-Surgical Clubfoot Treatment Using The Ponseti Method please visit Club Foot Institute.

What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is when the foot (or feet) appears to turn inwards at the ankle. The most common symptoms of clubfoot are when people appear to be walking on the ankles, or on the sides of their feet. The heel of the foot points down and the front half of the foot (turns inward).

Also, the heel may look too narrow and the muscles in the calf are smaller compared to a normal lower leg. Inside the anatomy of clubfoot, the Achilles tendon is tighter than a normal foot.

Clubfoot deformity is a common birth defect and happens about once in every 1,000 live births; in clubfoot of newborns, about 50% happen to both feet. Clubfoot happens twice as often to males than females.

The causes of clubfoot are believed to be genetic (something in your parent's DNA) and environmental (the baby develops clubfoot while in the mother's womb).

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