Pain Above the Feet

The feet are the foundation of our whole body. The feet contain 1/4th of all the bones in our bodies and they are the base of support for our weight bearing joints. When the bones in the feet move in a way they are un-designed to move in, it can and will affect the body.

This results in usage of muscles that should not be utilized causing pain in our backs, legs, knees, hips, and other joints. The most common foot imbalance is excessive pronation.

This is when the feet roll in or flatten too much. This can cause increased rotation of your leg, knee, thigh, and hip resulting in pain. A number of symptoms such as anterior shin splints, knee pain, lower back pain, and bursitis in the hips are a result.

After performing a comprehensive examination, your podiatrist will determine a course of action based on you individual needs. They may suggest the use of orthotics to stop excessive pronation, the usage of ultrasound therapy, exercise, and icing.

Foot & Ankle Pain Is Not Normal

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