Taking care of your Diabetic Feet

Preventing diabetic problems is essential to leading a healthy fulfilling life. Following a proper eating plan, exercising, monitoring blood glucose levels, taking medications as prescribed, quitting smoking, caring for your eyes and teeth, and checking your feet daily are important things you can do.

With 26 bones, 33 joints, and more that 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, the human foot is one of the most complex structures of the body. Diabetes can compromise your feet through Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Arterial Disease, and the inability to heal properly. Taking proper care of your feet is one of the most important things you can do if you suffer from diabetes.

Ways to care for your feet are:

  • Washing your feet daily and drying them thoroughly
  • Checking your feet everyday for sores, cuts, blisters, calluses, or other problems
  • Rubbing lotion on your feet if they are dry, avoiding the areas between the toes
  • Cutting your toenails once a week or as needed
  • Making sure your shoes are fitted properly
  • Always wearing shoes or slippers to protect your feet
  • Always wearing socks to prevent blisters
  • Wearing Diabetic shoes or orthotics as prescribed
  • Feeling the inside of your shoes periodically for sharp edges or objects that could injure your foot
  • Never walking barefoot
  • If you have an injury to the foot, prevent infection from moisture by utilizing a waterproof plastic covering
  • Consulting your podiatrist immediately if an injury is not healing properly or infection is suspected
  • Seeing your podiatrist yearly or more frequently if advised
Diabetes is a frightening disease. Through proper education and care the diabetic patient can live a healthy and active lifestyle. Monitoring the health of your feet is imperative to maintaining your mobility and freedom. By taking the time to care for yourself you can live a long and energetic life.

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