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Limb Lengthening Surgery

Have you ever wanted to be 2-4 inches taller? It may come as a surprise to most people, but cosmetic surgery has moved beyond breasts and faces to limb lengthening surgery, which is sort of like a makeover for the legs.

Cosmetic limb lengthening procedures are not just for deformities or dwarfism, but also for normal men and women who want to be taller.

ABC News recently did a story on a 37-year-old New Yorker, who goes by the pseudonym "Apotheosis." This gentleman was five foot, six inches, which is shorter than the average American male.

With a cosmetic leg lengthening operation, Apotheosis grew 6 inches. He told ABC News: "I realized that the world looked at me a certain way that I didn't look at myself in that certain way. I wanted the way I felt about myself and the way the world felt about me to be similar."

To perform a cosmetic limb lengthening operation, a foot surgeon will put the patient under (unconscious) and break the leg bone in two. Then the foot surgeon will put a high-tech telescopic rod into the middle of the broken bones. This rod will slowly push the bones apart very slowly, about one millimeter a day.

As the bone lengthens, new bone gradually grows as does skin, muscle, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Cosmetic limb lengthening surgery takes at least three months to complete and requires physical therapy afterwards; so the patient must be willing do his/her part.

People may hear about cheap cosmetic limb lengthening surgery overseas, but the quality of overseas surgery is always a big question.

Fortunately, cosmetic limb lengthening surgery can be done right here in the U.S. The cost of limb lengthening varies, so be sure to ask your foot surgeon.

Despite the time and money, patients say that those few more inches of height can make a big difference in their daily lives.

If you or someone you love is interested in cosmetic limb lengthening surgery, a foot and ankle doctor can examine your legs and give you the best course of action.

The Limb Lengthening Institute of Los Angeles is a premiere medical group and their experienced surgeons are the only doctors who do limb lengthening in the Los Angeles area.

Please call 626-447-2184 (Arcadia) or 818.322.0126 (North Hollywood) to speak to a foot and ankle specialist about your foot and/or ankle needs.

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