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Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial disease occurs when blood flow to the legs and feet is decreased due to changes in the lining of arteries. This disease is more prevalent and occurs at a younger age in people with diabetes.

When blood flow is poor it is hard for common injuries such as cuts, scrapes and blisters to heal properly which may result in infection and possible amputations. Blood vessels are damaged as a result of high blood glucose levels.

These vessels are unable to supply the skin and other areas of the body with blood. Peripheral Arterial disease can cause a feeling of coldness in the feet, pain in the legs or feet, and sores or infections that heal slowly or improperly.

Treatment for this disease may involve lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, managing blood glucose levels more closely, prescription medications, and possibly surgical intervention.

If you or a loved one has diabetes and have symptoms of Peripheral Arterial disease it is vital that you have a comprehensive examination by a podiatric doctor.

They can assess your risk factors and utilize their expertise and knowledge to care for any issues you may be having. Your podiatrist can help you with treatment of ulcers that are not healing, educate you on the proper footwear for your condition, and treat you for common foot problems.Self care of a corn or callus can have serious side effects resulting in infection and possibly amputation if done improperly and therefore should be avoided.

Peripheral Arterial disease is a major complication that can result from diabetes. It can cause many major problems for your legs and feet. Through proper education and care from your podiatrist your feet can be healthy and infection free.

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