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In consideration of concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to temporarily suspend services at all our clinics.

For current patients whom are under treatment if you have a Foot & Ankle Emergency or questions or concerns you can call 818-408-2800 our staff
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If you have a medical emergency please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

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Meet Dr. Khosroabadi

Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi

Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi is a Fellowship trained foot and ankle specialist graduated from New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Khosroabadi completed a three year surgical residency in New York. He also completed a one year fellowship at the Rubin institute for Advanced Orthopedics / International Center for Limb Lengthening at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore Maryland with world renowned Orthopedic Surgeons, Dror Paley M.D. and John Herzenberg M.D.



California State University of San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway San Bernardino, CA 92407


New York College of Podiatric Medicine
1800 Park Ave New York, NY 10035 - Class of 2002

Academic Achievements:

Clinical Fellow at The International Center for Limb Lengthening and Limb Deformity Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (2005-2006)
NYCPM PSR-24 2004-2005 (Metropolitan Hospital Center NY, NY) Chief Resident
NYCPM PSR-12 2003-2004 (Metropolitan Hospital Center NY, NY)
NYCPM RPR 2002-2003 (Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center Staten Island, NY)

Publications and Posters: In progress

  1. Fibular Hemimela, Manifestation In Foot and Ankle, A New Classification (poster ACFAS 2006).
  2. De-Syndactilization With Mini External Fixator ,Without The Use Of Skin Graft.
  3. Talo-calcaneal osteotomy (U-osteotomy), indication and technique
  • 15th Annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course (2004)
    • ISKD Surgeon Training Course
    • Ponseti Club foot Casting Course
    • Illizarov Circular Frame Course
  • 16th Annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course (2005)
    • Table instructor (main course)
    • Taylor Spatial Frame Course (foot application)
    • Non union Workshop


The International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL) is world renowned for its expertise in limb lengthening and reconstruction. The ICLL, part of the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, opened at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore in July of 2001 with a brand new six-story facility designed by the Center's co-founders, Drs. Dror Paley (first orthopedic surgeon to introduce the Ilizarov method to the United States and Canada in 1985), John E. Herzenberg(chief of pediatric orthopedics at Sinai Hospital and co-director of the ICLL) the first team in the United States to dedicate their practices to limb lengthening and deformity reconstruction.

Fellowship Clinical Experience:

The treatment of children and adults with upper and lower limb length discrepancies, short stature, limb deformities, nonunions, bone defects, bone infections, joint contractures, arthritis and distraction treatment of Perthes disease.
Participating at a major referral center for the Ponseti method of Clubfoot treatment. This facility offers friday clinics exclusively dedicated to the management of infants with clubfoot deformity and provides extensive experience with castings and tenotomies.
During my training I have been involved in a multi-modal approach to patient management by being an active participant with the departments of physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiology and the gait analysis lab all of which operate exclusively for the ICLL.

Fellowship Surgical Experience:

  • Deformity Planning ( CORA)
  • Application of External fixation (TSF, Ilizarov, monolateral)
  • Supramalleolar and Focal dome Osteotomies for (Varus, Valgus, Procurvatum ,recurvatum and rotational) doformities
  • Flexion/extension Contractures of ankle and knee
  • Treatment of Fibular Hamimelia, Tibia Hamemelia, Congenital Femoral Deficiency
  • Perthes ( core decompression + Hip distraction)
  • Charcot Foot treatment with external fixator
  • Achondroplasia and Hypochondroplasia
  • Severe Cavus foot, pes planus and neglected clubfoot using (ilizarov fixator/TSF)
  • Muscle , Tendon Transfers
  • Bone Deformities, Malunions, Non unions (distraction Osteogenesis)
  • Ankle Fusion, Flattop Talus, ankle distraction (ilizarov , subtalar distraction for treatment of OA)
  • Limb Lengthening ( ISKD, TSF, Ilizarov, LRS )
  • Ponseti treatment for Clubfoot deformity, and PMR.
  • Fixator assisted Nailing (FAN), Plating (FAP) and lengthening over nail (LON)
  • Corticotomies ( multiple hole technique) and osteotomies (Gigli saw technique)
  • Entrapments ; Tarsal tunnel, Peroneals, femoral nerve

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your medical assistance in the speedy recovery of my right foot. The best foot care in Los Angeles!

I highly recommend Dr. Khosroabady. About 8 years ago I injured my ankle. Even though I went to a number of different doctors and did physical therapy, it never healed completely.

As a patient of Dr Khosroabadi’s I'd like to take just a moment and comment on both he and his staff with regards to the care and kindness they provide for the many communities of southern California.


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